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  • Mark Palmer, Owner

4 Tips to help your business cut costs in 2020

As the year draws to a close, you are most likely considering how to make changes in the new year that will help cut costs in your company in order to maximise profits. We wanted to give a few guidelines on how to effectively implement this in your company:

Communicate with your staff: Cost-cutting is not fun for anyone! Explain why it is necessary, what can be done and how it can benefit everyone!

Be fair: If you plan to stop certain perks for some of your employees based on hierarchy, consider how this may affect their morale. If there are ways to incentivise them in other ways, see if this would be viable.

Look at the bigger picture. Will cutting costs in that area make a big enough impact? If not, consider finding other ways to minimise costs that won't affect staff morale.

Think about it holistically. Sometimes video calls may be a way to minimise time lost and result in better productivity. For larger projects, it might be quite the opposite. Consider testing out solutions beforehand.

We hope that this helps! While cost-cutting should be as simple as "cutting the costs", remember that there is more to a business than its spend. There are people who help your business thrive! Consider all the options with your trusted partners beforehand!

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