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The Advantages of Being Registered on SARS E-Filing.

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

In this article, we would just like to make you aware of the benefit of having your income tax portfolio registered on your tax practitioner’s SARS efiling profile. 


It may be convenient for you to be able to check your own tax situation. We have found many clients who have their own efiling profile with SARS but yet they may have changed their email address or telephone numbers and SARS still send notifications to the old address. This has resulted in correspondence not being received from SARS and as a result large amounts being owed to SARS in penalties due to the client not responding to SARS notifications.

They Keep Us In The Loop

When Winning Business Solutions has your income tax details registered on our profile, we will receive any notifications that SARS may send.  As an accounting practice, we log into the SARS website on a daily basis. As a result, we will always check what notifications have been received from SARS.  Once we have established what SARS require, we either deal with the query, if we have received the information from our client, or we will contact the client to send us the information or inform them of the contents of the correspondence received from SARS. 

So if you want peace of mind regarding your income tax affairs, please feel free to contact us and request that your income tax portfolio be added to our SARS efiling profile.  We will notify you when your returns are due and when payments need to be made to SARS, and the days of paying penalties and interest to SARS will be a thing of the pas

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